Sarah McLachlan & Feist at Huntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island

Sarah McLachlan & Feist Tickets

Huntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island | Chicago, Illinois

Sarah McLachlan & Feist

You will surely enjoy an ecstatic evening filled with nostalgic tunes this June 11 as Sarah McLachlan brings another show-stopping concert. Huntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island is the place to be on this incredible Tuesday evening because the Grammy and Juno award-winning artist will bring her highly-anticipated anniversary concert to Chicago. Yes! Sarah McLachlan celebrates the 30th anniversary of her monumental album “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy,” and you are invited to an evening of celebration of the songs that defined her career. Thanks to TikTok and social media, the new generation of music lovers is able to discover this gem of an album, which was voted as one of the best albums of all time. If you are one of these new breed of fans —or a devoted McLachlan fan since the 90s— this is a show you don’t want to miss. Sing along to “Possession,” “Hold On,” “Good Enough,” and the rest of the tracks in the album. The Grammy award-winning artist will be joined by the Canadian indie pop singer-songwriter Leslie Feist. Tickets are now on sale, and you can get yours here by hitting the “Get Tickets” link.

Sarah Mclachlan's emotive tunes were first heard in the international music scene when "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" came out in 1994. The album propelled her career, and she became one of the leading figures of the Canadian music scene during the 90s and 2000s. This breakout album also opened doors to her best-selling album entitled "Surfacing" in 1997. However, its true impact in the music scene was considered that of a slow burn. As a result, it was only during the 2000s that a huge cult following of the album occurred. "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" is considered one of the best albums of the '90s and one of the most favorite during the 2000s.

"Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" is the third album McLachlan released. She was already a prominent figure in the Canadian music scene by the time she composed the album. Its creation was the result of a musician's block she had been experiencing for several months, brought forth by her want to deviate from the image formed of her career as a result of her two prior albums. With a need to release new music, she decided to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and decided to isolate at a cabin in the mountainous region of Quebec. Slowly but surely, she was able to piece together an album. The resulting "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" spawned songs that are melancholic, dark, and introspective. All songs reflect experiences she had being a popular artist.

30 years after the album's international breakthrough, the Canadian star will celebrate through an anniversary tour. Hitting the road, she will perform at venues in North America. Seattle will be her first stop on May 25. On the other hand, Sugarland, Texas, will be her final stop on July 6.

"Possession," "Hold On," and the other tracks of the album are sure to refresh minds about how amazing Sarah McLachlan is as a singer, composer, and songwriter. This tour will be incredible.

The tour will reach the Huntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island on June 11. "My Moon, My Man" singer and fellow Canadian star Feist will join McLachlan in this concert. Buy tickets now!

Sarah McLachlan & Feist at Huntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island

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